Project Type
Residential & Commercial

Coconut Grove & Miami Beach

Project Status
In Development

Owner / Operator

Co-Live, Work, and Wellness Platform

A new co-live, work, and wellness concept by the name of URBIN is set to launch in South Florida by the end of the year. Backed by Miami-based developer Location Ventures, URBIN aims to provide affordability, sustainability and mobility to tenants in core urban neighborhoods across the world, starting right here in South Florida.

URBIN is on a mission to help solve three of the great challenges of modern urban living – affordability, mobility and sustainability. The key to URBIN’s mission to make great living experiences affordable is to own and operate real estate, allowing the brand to pass on superior pricing opportunities to members. On the co-living side, furnished units will start at $1000/mo, while desk space at the coworking space will start at $350/mo. Amenities across the platform will include a gym, spa, storage, and communal areas alongside opt-in services such as a meal service, housekeeping and personal training.

“Affordability, mobility and sustainability – these are three great challenges of our time, and URBIN offers a solution.” Rishi Kapoor, CEO & Founder, Location Ventures

As a responsible, circular community, URBIN will aim to adhere to sustainability standards that include renewable energy and water capture, treatment and reuse on every site. According to recent studies, the environmental carbon impact of one dense tower is the equivalent of 1000 gasoline cars per day. At future ground up sites, URBIN will aim to achieve energy and water independence to offset carbon impact and showcase how developments can still be environmentally responsible.

The brand’s vision is to have 100 locations open worldwide in the next 10 years, providing members an unparalleled mobile network that allows them to live and work across South Florida and eventually, across the globe.

In addition to urban cities, plans are underway for URBIN to also launch in resort and university locations, expanding the concept to vacation locales and college towns.