Location Ventures

Location, they say, is the most important thing in real estate. But for us, this isn’t where the story ends. It’s only the first step in a unique journey. Location Ventures is a unique real estate platform that provides comprehensive investment, development, management, marketing and sales for residential and mixed-use properties.

What does that mean? Simply put, we invest in one-of-a-kind living experiences that make the highest and best use of unique development locations.

For some projects, that means investing capital, for others that means crafting a one-of-a-kind living experience from ideation to completion. Our portfolio contains a mix of ultra-luxury single-family homes, boutique condo developments, and a soon-to-be hip urban colive and cowork space where young professionals live, work and engage in one environment.

The common thread woven through all of what we do is our relentless desire to help create one thing—the home of tomorrow. Thoughtfully designed, fully connected – inside and out.

Creating Value Through Real Estate

Location Ventures generates a return on capital through managed funds that invest VE in premium locations and premier developers. By investing in premier projects, we bring value to our target communities through new construction and the transformation of existing properties.







Our Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is created around four pillars: design, nature, technology, and wellness. With a vision to reflect the way we live, our projects are designed to make a positive impact on the resident, providing seamless access to the natural world, full-technology integration, and elegant wellness solutions in thoughtfully-designed spaces.



We believe in bringing natural tranquility to the lived environment. In each of our projects, we plan for extensive landscaping and lush gardens, sometimes increasing the natural flora up to 80% more. The indoor/outdoor lifestyle capitalizes on South Florida’s climate, provides balance to hardscapes and creates a healthier atmosphere.



Our approach to real estate utilizes technology during every step – from acquisition to completion – for a fully integrated experience. We use 3D techniques and digital experiences to showcase our vision, and use home automatization for the control of lighting, security, audio and more, into the project. We believe in technology that elevates daily living.



To us, wellness is not just a buzzword, it’s a way of life. In each of our projects, we are comprehensive about solutions that will enhance day-to-day living. This means providing wellness systems – air circulation, wellness lighting – and amenities – a hammam, yoga terrace, gym – that holistically enrich the body and the soul.