Villa Valencia was recently featured in Iconic Life article titled “Villa Valencia | $14.9M Luxury Penthouse Embraces Wellness”.

This upscale Miami Condo has it all-including a luxury penthouse that puts wellness and upscale living in the forefront.

Soak up the Florida sun from the luxe outdoor space at Villa Valencia, a new Miami Condo with a spectacular penthouse—all designed with wellness in mind.

Developed by Location Ventures and designed by Miami-based A.M. Studio, this $14.9M luxury penthouse comes decorator-ready with four bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, an office and den. The home is an extension of the building’s common areas, which makes the already luxe living experience feel even more large-scale.

“Being a high rise, there’s certain limitations in terms of where you position the space and how you make it flow, but I think that we did a very good job,” Paul Spirk, founder and lead designer of A.M. Studio says. “We found a good balance so that we could separate the more intimate areas from the public areas.”

The wellness doesn’t stop at the outdoor spaces—it’s incorporated throughout the luxury penthouse.

“Wellness technology comes into play with the DARWIN by Delos Home Intelligence System, bringing the best of the natural environment inside, via air filtration, water filtration and circadian-friendly lighting,” Kapoor says. “There is no one singular component that provides true wellness, it’s about integrating the entire concept into the living space in penthouse.”

“Villa Valencia is the first condominium in the U.S. to partner with Delos, offering intelligent software aimed at enhancing human health, well-being, sleep and performance,” he added.

Delos monitors and calibrates the air and water quality and mimics the natural sun cycle through circadian rhythm lighting, which helps the body maintain a natural sleep pattern.

“The entire system is easily accessible via a central hub, a touch screen pad or phone.” Kapoor says. “It’s a transformative product that has been gaining traction in new residential spaces and we are proud to have been at the forefront of this technology.”

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