Location Ventures CEO was recently featured in The City Beautiful Article titled “Want to Know What Comprises the Gables Economy? Small Businesses”.

From the article:

“A lot of people want to get into a commercial space where there are other people,” says Rishi Kapoor, whose Gables-based firm Location Ventures created the FORUM shared workspace on Alhambra. “Personally, I love the energy of my colleagues, the creativity, those atoms bouncing off of each other,” he says. “A practical solution is flex space, where you can scale up or down according to your needs.” In terms of occupancy at FORUM, which is now 90 percent full, “it really is a mix of solo creatives that provide their creative services, plus we have a law firm, political consultants, architects, and so on.”

At another shared workspace in the 2525 Ponce building, CEO Laura Kozelouzek reports that 90 percent of her clients are small firms with just a few employees and that nine out of 10 are professional service providers in real estate, finance, legal, and business consulting, with the remainder providing “creative” services. “One thing I’ve been finding in the last few years is that, besides professional services, there is an increase of creative businesses. Coral Gables at one point was all attorneys, all weighted toward legal… Now it’s a nice mix, a little more diverse.”

Regardless of their makeup, says Kapoor, the Gables remains an excellent location to start or expand a small business. “I think we are in one of the greatest places in all of the U.S for the ecosystem of a small business. You have such a professional ecosystem established here, in banking, finance, great places to entertain – everything consolidated in such a condensed space, “What more could you ask for?”

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