News website Globest recently featured Orduna Court, for standing out as a model for what today’s students want.

Orduna Court featured on Globest

MIAMI–The old days of prison-cell-like student housing are mostly gone but it’s more than physical amenities like salons and spas and 24-hour fitness centers that is different these days.


There are also other lures that attract today’s students (and their sometime bill-paying parents).


Good locations have always been a requirement. But eco-friendly features are emerging as important amenities. So are elements commonly popular now in other general real estate developments such as walkability, safety and the overall search for living experiences. Some high-tech, too, of course. And in some cases, a re-hab or redo as well.


But one element continues: investors see its many advantages.

“Investors are attracted to student housing because enrollment in university and colleges is expanding. Also, student housing tends to be recession proof because when there is less job opportunities, people go back to school to learn new skills,” Colliers’ Executive Vice President Gerard Yetming tells


He and his associates view Orduna Court at 800 S. Dixie here as an example of the trend.


“Orduna Court provides a modern and safe living community, which caters to the wants and needs of UM students, new graduates and young career professionals,” said Yetming, who is marketing the property with colleagues Mitash Kripalani and Julian Zuniga. “But from an investor standpoint, the property presents the unique opportunity to capitalize on above-market rental income by implementing a furnished, co-living rent-by-the-bed business plan. It delivers the flexibility students are typically seeking with short- and long-term rentals while driving rental income value for the owner.”


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